Thank you for your interest in writing for Classic City Paw Print! We are always looking for people who are passionate about animals to contribute to what we're doing. If you would like to pitch an idea for an upcoming issue, please email it to us at classiccitypawprint@gmail.com.

All articles should fit within the mission of Classic City Paw Print, which is to promote pet adoption, responsible ownership and compassion for all animals. 

General guidelines for article submissions are:

  • Firm deadline of the 10th of the month prior to publication
  • Submit article in a Word document format
  • Word count: 500-700 (can be flexible for longer articles with notice)
  • A high resolution photo (or illustration, if more applicable) should accompany the submission; if you need assistance with photography, please let us know when you commit to your article so we can set you up with a photographer 
  • Please incorporate at least two reputable sources (preferably three) when writing stories that are not first-hand accounts; if you need guidance on local references, we are here to help!
  • We do not require that interviews be conducted in person or via phone; however, we highly recommend it to ensure the best outcome for the article
  • Please keep your references and interview notes handy in case we need them during the fact-checking process

Please note that we place a high priority on using local references and resources for the magazine content. 



The following columns are in most issues, but these do not have a dedicated monthly writer and are open for you to contribute toward with notice. 

  • Wild Things: a section highlighting a wild animal or relevant topic related to wild animals
  • Book Review: a review of any book fitting within the CCPP mission, and all reading levels are included
  • Product Review: a review of an item related to animals OR a DIY project for pet or wildlife enrichment
  • Pet Spotlight: a feature on a local pet seen about town
  • A Treat a Day Keeps the Vet Away: feature a preventative care topic for pets (we love for veterinary staff to write these, but you can also interview them if you're interested in writing an article for this section!)
  • Chow Down: a vegan recipe for home cooks
  • Organization Spotlight: feature a nonprofit organization working to help animals or pet owners in some way
  • Have Some Fun: a one-page, interactive drawing activity or game
  • Legislation: featuring local newsworthy topics related to animals and law
  • Seasonal Features: Articles that are relevant to the month of publication or newsworthy topics


Quality photos of adoptable animals are one of our top priorities, as a good photo can make or break someone's interest in the dog or cat. Photographers can help take photos of featured pets to submit each month, working in conjunction with the rescue/shelter which we can put you in touch with.

We also aim to include quality photos to accompany articles in the magazine, so we need photographers who are willing to work closely with our writers to get photos during interviews or other coordinated photo ops.


We would love to work with illustrators and designers to assist with infographs to accompany certain articles and for annual publications and outreach materials. If you would like to help with some designs for your portfolio, please let us know your skills and what kind of illustrations/design you'd be interested in working on by emailing us at classiccitypawprint@gmail.com.

If you are interested in designing ads for clients and are able to work within a limited timeline each month, please send over your resume and some samples of your work to classiccitypawprint@gmail.com.