Safety Lights for Pets

by Morgan Solomon

As a pet owner, we are always concerned for our dog’s safety, ranging from whether or not it is safe for them to eat something to if they are sad when we are gone for more than an hour. One big concern is when you are walking your dogs at night. You should always take extra measures to ensure that your dogs, and yourself, are safe when taking a stroll in the dark.

With Halloween around the corner, it is crucial to make sure you are prepared with the right accessories to light your path. While flashlights are helpful, it can be tricky handling a flashlight while walking your dog. Fortunately, there are many different options of light-up accessories available. Below is a list of five low-cost options so you and your canine companion can find the best to fit your needs. 

The first is a clip-on LED light that can be easily attached to your dog’s collar or leash. This light is extremely versatile and is not limited to just your dog—you can also use it when walking at night or for your children on Halloween.

The next option is a clip-on collar light. This light has the appearance of a keychain and is easily attachable to your dog’s collar. It can also be clipped onto a leash but works best when clipped on a collar. Much like the LED light, it allows you to easily transform a plain collar, making it a great option if you don’t want to worry about changing your dog’s collar when it is time for your nightly walk.

Next we have my personal favorite, a light-up leash. Most options are fabric leashes that have a rope of LED lights inside. Many of them have different settings so your leash can continuously light up or flash at different speeds. I personally prefer the flashing setting because it turns your walk into a fun disco. You can find these leashes in all sorts of colors to match your dog’s collar.

If you want your dog to look rave-ready and a flashing leash is not enough, then a LED dog collar is the accessory for you. These collars come in an array of colors and make your dog look like they are ready to party with its glow stick appearance. These are convenient and easy to put on your dog on top of a regular collar so they are ready to go!

Light-up gear is not limited to collars and leashes. If your dog is into dressing up, there are plenty of options! The obvious choice is a reflective vest, but since we are preparing specifically for Halloween, why not get them a fun glow-in-the-dark shirt? This way your dog can be safe while making a statement!