Auto the Brewery Cat

by Morgan Solomon

 Photo: Morgan Solomon

Photo: Morgan Solomon

Creature Comforts first opened in 2014 in the old Snow Tire Company building in downtown Athens. According to their website, the brewery takes “inspiration from those who crave curiosity and share its reward.” This idea is reflected in the different beers that they have taken time and curiosity to perfect. Creature Comforts has become an essential fixture in downtown Athens. Not only can humans have fun at the brewery, dogs are welcomed. It is almost impossible to go to Creature Comforts and not see at least three cute canines.

You probably did not realize it, but there is a furry feline who calls Creature Comforts home. Meet Auto the Brewery Cat. This green-eyed kitten was found on the day of the brewery’s Automatic can release in 2016. She was named after this pale ale and is called Auto for short.

The brewery creates a sense of community through its beer. For example, Automatic is a reference to the community of Athens. It is named after the slogan of Weaver D’s, a local restaurant whose slogan was the inspiration of REM’s album Automatic for the People. And now it is the inspiration for Auto’s name.

Auto was rescued in July 2016. One of the brewers found her meowing in an empty grain bin outside of the brewery. She was tiny, dirty and scared. They immediately grabbed gloves and reached for her. Auto was apprehensive of being rescued at first but soon realized that they were there to help her. She was around 8 weeks old when found, making her a little over a year old now.

Since that day, Creature Comforts became Auto’s new home. Now you might be thinking, I go to Creature Comforts all the time but have never laid my eyes on this cute kitty. While Auto does venture up to the brewery area on occasion, she spends most of her time in the downstairs offices of Creature Comforts. There she can lounge in the air conditioning while keeping an eye on the bottle conditioning beers. 

Auto is very independent and enjoys exploring the brewery. She loves to sleep in boxes and on top of important papers, as well as watching birds from the large office window. However, when a pallet jack or forklift is in use, Auto will hide until she knows that they have left for good. When Auto is not sleeping, being doted on or hiding from pallet jacks, she helps around the brewery by acting as pest control and boosting office morale.

She can also boost your morale on Instagram. Auto has an Instagram that she is in control of, constantly posting cute selfies that will make your day. She has over 2,000 followers, and you can help that number grow by following her @autothebrewerycat. So grab a six-pack of a Creature Comforts brew, follow Auto on Instagram and have a great night in insta-stalking this adorable kitten.