Wrecking Barn Pups: Amos & Francis

 Photo: Morgan Solomon

Photo: Morgan Solomon

by Morgan Solomon

One would think it impossible to work on a farm without thumbs, but Francis and Amos—the resident dogs at the Wrecking Barn Farm in Loganville, GA—are proof that you do not need opposable thumbs to get the job done.  

Wrecking Barn Farm was established in 2015 by the owners of the Wrecking Bar Brew Pub in Atlanta’s Little Five Points. The farm is owned by Bob Sandage and managing partner, Stevenson Rosslow. The farm works closely with Wrecking Bar, growing fresh organic produce that is used in countless dishes on the restaurant’s acclaimed menu. The farm’s produce is also used by other restaurants, a growing local CSA and local farmers’ markets. The farm covers 63 acres, of which seven are currently being used in cultivation. The owners plan to make it even more impressive by eventually building a brewery and barrel aging room and adding an event space to the farm.

Amos, a sweet boy who greets anyone on the farm with a warm smile, was rescued in August 2014 by Rachel Hennon. He was found in South Atlanta by a friend of Hennon when he was around 10 weeks old. He is a terrier mix with a short black coat and white markings on his chest.

Francis, who is hard to miss because of his perky ears and happy face, was rescued in 2010 by Shannon Wright. He was part of a litter born to a Blue Heeler and Australian Shepherd. Wright came across Francis’ litter and adopted him when he was just a small seven-week-old puppy.

 Photo: Morgan Solomon

Photo: Morgan Solomon

Both Hennon and Wright studied at Savannah College of Art and Design, but they never knew each other during that time. Each of them had their own journey in realizing that they wanted to work in agriculture. They worked at the same farm in Georgia but at different times. Their paths finally crossed when they both started working at Wrecking Barn Farm. Hennon began working on the farm as the manager in October 2015. This is also when Amos began working on the farm. Wright and Francis became a part of the crew in February 2016.  

Amos and Francis, while very cute and cuddly, are also extremely hard workers. They both help around the farm by doing various tasks like eating weeds and chasing deer and birds away from the produce.

 But it isn’t all hard work—there are plenty of treats involved. Amos will even steal cabbage and carrots from the bucket when nobody’s looking (or so he thinks) to treat himself, while Francis loves blueberries. Sometimes they get into trouble when they “accidentally” eat radishes, which, unlike weeds, they are not supposed to eat.

You can support all the hard work these good boys put in by eating at Wrecking Bar Brewpub or joining the farm’s CSA, which is short for Community Supported Agriculture. If you decide to participate and choose to pick up from the farm, you might be able to meet Francis and Amos and let them know what you think of their tasty produce by giving them each a good ole belly rub.