Dusty: R. Wood Studio

by Morgan Solomon

 Photo: Morgan Solomon

Photo: Morgan Solomon

When visiting R. Wood Studio, one can take in beautiful pieces of pottery and observe the process of pottery being made. Visitors with a keen eye might even notice a face peeking at them from one the pieces. This little face belongs to Dusty, the studio’s resident kitty. Dusty was a feral cat that adopted the studio as her new home, and now visitors can find this sweet orange and black cat when they come by the studio.  

R. Wood Studio was started by Rebecca Wood. Rebecca lived in Athens where she earned her degree in painting and drawing in 1977. After years of painting still lifes, Rebecca made the decision to try something new and eventually began to make pottery. Despite having no experience with pottery, Rebecca created beautiful plates, finding her new medium.

The studio has now been around for over 20 years and continues to produce beautiful pottery, ranging from brightly-colored plates to delicately-designed floral wall hangings. You can find pieces in many stores around Athens, as well as 22 other states across the country.

Dusty must have great taste in pottery and art, as she chose this colorful studio as her home. The more Dusty began to show up at the studio, the more the artists began to treat her like their own. They feed her and take her to the vet in order to make sure she is healthy, and she has everything she could possibly need. Dusty’s favorite thing to do is to lay inside of the different pottery pieces in the studio. While Dusty is very cute, she can also be the cause of mischief—she keeps the studio artists on their toes as they try to rescue any mice or lizards that Dusty might catch. Although she can cause trouble, they lover her “sweet and spicy” personality.

Dusty does come and go as she pleases from the studio, but no matter how often she leaves, she always comes back. She must have known that she would find a loving and welcoming family behind the bright doors of R. Wood Studio.