Cowboy Robot

by Morgan Solomon

 Photo: Morgan Solomon

Photo: Morgan Solomon

If you ever visit 1000 Faces Coffee, you may notice the face of a cheerful dog peeking out from next door at Align Machine Works. This is Robot, a sweet boy who is a Border Collie/Springer Spaniel mix. His full name is Cowboy Robot, and he belongs to Jeff, the Senior Project Engineer there. His quirky name originates from Jeff’s childhood; Cowboy Robot is the name he always wanted to give a dog since he was a child.

On August 21, 2012, Jeff rescued Robot from Posey Shelter Pet Promoters, a non-profit organization in Cedartown, GA. It is believed that Robot was born in October 2011, making him six years old. You would not know it from his laid-back temperament, but Robot just made the big move to Athens this year. Jeff moved from Thomasville, GA to Athens for work and to get back to his roots since he grew up in Watkinsville. Robot came along for the journey, and according to Jeff, has benefitted more than anyone else from the move. Since moving to Athens, Robot has more opportunities to get out and explore. He is also able to go to work with Jeff.

Speaking of work, Robot serves as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Align Machine Works. His office specializes in product development, prototypes and turn-key manufacturing. Align Machine Works helps clients manufacture new products using techniques such as computer numerical control machining, laser cutting and die casting. Robot works hard to promote their services by using his cute face, charm and sitting ability.

When Robot isn’t working in sales, he is normally chewing on random pieces of plastic he finds around the shop. He would take some good old plastic over an apple any day—he hates apples. Don’t worry, it isn’t all work and no play for Robot. When he decides to take a break from work, he loves to spend his time howling at sirens and riding shotgun, because deep down he is just a good boy.