BeauMonay the Skateboarding Bulldog

by Morgan Solomon

 Beau showing off his skills. Photo: Morgan Solomon

Beau showing off his skills. Photo: Morgan Solomon

There is a new dog in town, and he might just be one of the coolest dogs to call Athens home. Meet Beau, the skateboarding bulldog. Beau breaks all of the bulldog stereotypes: he is energetic and determined. Beau belongs to Brookey Rickman who moved to Athens this August and is just as energetic and determined as her bulldog companion. The two combined make a great team.

Brookey got Beau during her junior year of high school. Before Beau, Brookey had a bulldog that fit the typical description of a bulldog: he was lazy and stubborn. She knew it was going to be different with Beau as she took him under her wing and set out to make him the best and coolest bulldog around. This November Beau will be turning five, and he can probablyskateboard better than most of us. Needless to say, Brookey succeeded.

 Before calling Athens home, Beau and Brookey moved from Dunwoody to Colorado where Brookey attended the University of Colorado of Boulder. According to Brookey this was the best two years of their relationship, but she expects that it will only get better from here on out. And she is right, Beau is already starting to make a name for himself in this bulldog-obsessed town. You can find him skateboarding around downtown and even follow him on social media at @beaumonay.

You might be wondering why would you teach your dog to skateboard? Well, besides the obvious answer that it is awesome, Brookey’s motivation was that she wanted to share something she was passionate about with Beau. She is also a skateboarder who loves the thrill and challenge of landing a new trick. Instead of excluding Beau from this activity, she decided to get him involved. The result is a bulldog who goes crazy over the sight of a skateboard. The second Beau sees a skateboard his immediate response is to bite at the wheels. This bulldog is so agile and strong—he demonstrates this anytime he jumps up to bite the wheels of a skateboard in Brookey’s hand.

Once Brookey puts the board down and gets a treat out, Beau is ready to go. He starts moving with the board using his little paws to get momentum. Once he has speed he hoists himself up onto the board and rides. His face is practically glowing as he glides through a parking lot, looking way more cool than I could ever hope to be.

When Beau is not showing all of us up with his skateboarding skills, he likes to spend his time snuggling. This is not a problem for Brookey, since she cannot get enough of this handsome boy. She loves bulldogs and Beau because the breed is spunkier than anyone realizes. Beau crushes the lazy bulldog stereotype everyday by being ready for adventure and excitement, just like his best friend Brookey. Follow Beau on Instagram and find him around town so you can see this skating bulldog for yourself. Oh and be sure to bring pupperonis... they are his favorite.